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Bonjour Brioche CafeYour Neighbourhood Bakery in Belsize Park

Bonjour Brioche is your local all-natural bakery in Belsize Park. Delicious hand-prepared bakery treats, and healthy brunches made from organic, locally-sourced ingredients are what you’ll get here. Before you get up for work, we’re up and baking every day. So you’ll have a wide selection of nutritious breakfast options, freshly ground organic coffee, inviting brunch meals, and a selection of healthy treats – like our home-made granola and breakfast bars – to choose from. Each item is made and baked for you by hand every morning. And we also deliver food across the local area. Perfect for arranging a lazy brunch at home, or healthy breakfasts for your whole office.

Have a Breakfast or Brunch
in Belsize Park

Come to Bonjour Brioche Cafe to see our latest Belsize Park brunch and breakfast offerings. We source our ingredients locally using whatever is currently in season. This means you’ll see changes to our menu, like triple berries in our tarts becoming pumpkin pie in autumn, and pumpkin pie changing to chocolate ganache in winter.


All food

Hand-Made Onsite

Each mouth-watering item you see in our displays has been prepared and cooked by hand today. This, and our dedication to using all natural ingredients, has proved more of an attraction than all of the novelty items we've created in the past! If you're getting a cup of orange juice, you'll see it squeezed from the fruit right there in front of you. If you're buying a croissant for breakfast (we highly recommend adding gruyère cheese, honey roasted ham, and tomatoes if you are!) it will have been hand-made, rolled, and freshly baked just before you walked into the cafe.

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Vegan Options


We believe that you should always have a vegan option. That’s why at least one of our types of cookies, muffins, and one or two flavours of cupcakes are vegan-friendly every day.



All food is

Gluten Free


We cater to your gluten free needs too. Our chocolate fudge cake is made without flour, and our macaroons are gluten-free as well.


Our Coffee

Get your morning pick-me-up espresso, or a rich-tasting americano with your brunch. Our wide coffee selection comes from Monmouth's organic range. We've chosen it especially, as a source of sustainable, fair trade coffee - a supplier which works with the farmers themselves to make sure everyone gets the best deal. And you get a hot cup of fresh, aromatic goodness whenever you want one.


Our Fresh Juices


When you order one of our juices, the first thing you’ll see us do is reach for the fruit. All the juices on our menu will be freshly squeezed into your glass right in front of you.



Mojgan Mohajer

Who is

Bonjour Brioche Cafe


Bonjour Brioche Cafe is built around expert baker Mojgan Mohajer. Everything she does is influenced by what the customers tell her they want and her appreciation of great food and service. She is a big believer in food drawing people together. So whether you’re popping over for breakfast, or for a quick chat over a coffee, come right on in, and let me brighten up your day!

Eat In, Food Delivery, &
Takeaway in Belsize Park

As well as providing a friendly neighbourhood dining experience in our Belsize Park cafe, we also deliver our food across Hampstead, Primrose Hill, and Kentish Town. You can contact us Monday-Friday 7.30am to 5.30pm, and Saturday-Sunday 8.00am to 5.30pm, to arrange your take away for pickup, or your food delivery directly to your home or office.

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