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Bonjour Brioche Cafe

Your Neighbourhood Bakery in Belsize Park

Bonjour Brioche Cafe is your local bakery, serving Belsize Park, Hampstead, Primrose Hill, and Kentish Town. Bonjour, we believe that some things are more important than profit margins, convenience, or cheap calories. Getting up before dawn, we hand-prepare and bake each individual item on our menu every day. So by the time you get up and wander down, ready for a light breakfast, healthy brunch, or a snack on your way to work, you’ll have a freshly prepared selection of fragrant baked goodies ready for you.

A Cafe in Belsize Park
Doing Things the Natural Way

It’s our customers that make running Bonjour Brioche Cafe so rewarding.
Every day we hear comments like “I don’t really eat cake, but this is great!” and “I don’t usually like hollandaise sauce, but this is amazing!” They let us know that we’re doing things right. When we’re asked questions like “How is your orange juice so fresh?”, we’re tempted to claim it’s magic. But the answer’s simple. You just watched us squeeze those fresh oranges directly into your glass. We always use organic, locally-sourced ingredients wherever possible. In the past we’ve tried things like Star Wars brioche dough, and other types of fun foods. Because if we don’t… who will? But to our surprise, it’s real food, made by hand using natural ingredients, that’s proved more novel than even our most whimsically named Eggs Benedict.

We hope you enjoy eating our food as much as we’ve loved making it.

Mojgan Mohajer


The Team


Mojgan Mohajer


I am hugely passionate about great quality, sourced food but most of all our neighbourly customers.

Originally from Persia, Morjgan grew up with the sentiment that food draws people together and it was always her dream to open a coffee shop. as a child it was all I wanted to eat and still is to this day! Everything we do is influenced by what our customers want and their appreciation for great quality food and service, as much as ours.

Brightening up someone’s day with a great cup of coffee, a chat and something nice to eat is our greatest pleasure, come on by and see us!