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Bonjour Brioche CafeThe Tasty Pace for Brunch in Kentish Town

Bonjour Brioche Cafe is a great place for brunch in Kentish Town. We’ve got a scrumptious selection of bakery goodies, including our famous Boston Brownies, delicious tarts with seasonal fillings, and an ever-changing array of muffins, cookies, and cupcakes. Take away a treat, or sit down to your filling but light breakfast or brunch – all made fresh each day from locally sourced goods and produce. All of our food is hand-prepared every morning onsite. We’re up before dawn each day to make sure that by the time you ring the bell on entering the cafe, you’ll have the perfect healthy snack, your favourite bakery treat, or the nutritious meal you had in mind ready for you. We love it when people choose to eat or drink with us – we’re always happy to have a chat over a cup of our freshly ground organic coffee – but we also offer a take away delivery service across Kentish Town and the rest of the local area.

What’s to Eat in
Our Cafe in Kentish Town?

Visit our Menu page to see our latest Kentish Town breakfast and bakery creations for yourself. You’ll often see our menu being updated – in fact we usually offer different goodies every single day. That’s because we source all of our ingredients locally, and use whatever’s in season at the moment. So don’t be surprised to see our lime and coconut cheesecake in the summer months, or our pumpkin pie tarts in the autumn.


Small Batches

Personally Prepared

We don't believe in baking from frozen, or anything along those lines. Everything you buy from our cafe in Kentish Town has been lovingly mixed, rolled, and baked in small batches by us that very morning before arriving on your plate. Combined with our love of natural products and local sourcing, this adds up to fresh, healthy food that you can see being prepared right in front of you. So, if you're ordering one of our juices, it'll be squeezed directly from the fruit into your glass. If you're having a bagel for breakfast (we'd suggest adding salmon, cream cheese, avacado, and rocket for a healthy start to your day!) it will have been baked by hand that morning.

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Vegan Options


If you’re a vegan looking for a tasty snack, you’ve come to the right place. We provide vegan choices as standard each and every day. That’s one flavour of cookie, one flavour of muffin, and one or two flavours of cupcake minimum.



All food is

Gluten Free


Though we’re not strictly a gluten free cafe, both our chocolate fudge cake (which is made without flour) and our macaroons are always gluten-free.


Our Coffee

We offer freshly ground coffee from Monmouth's organic range. We believe that they're a supplier that's as keen to promote sustainable, fair trade coffee as we are. Monmouth tour the farmers, co-operatives and estates that grow coffee all over the world, making sure everyone's being fairly dealt with. This means they regularly update the beans they use in their blends, and the current ones are some of our all-time favourites. So you can get a strong Long Black coffee (new to the London cafe scene), or a classic cappuccino, made from a combination of beans from places as far afield as South and Central America, Africa, and Asia.


Fresh Juices


Our fresh juices are exactly that – fresh. The ingredients? Locally sourced fruits, herbs – and free ginger on request.


Mojgan Mohajer


Bonjour Brioche Cafe

Who'll Be Serving You?


Head in for your pick-me-up morning coffee or for a mouthwatering brunch in Kentish Town, and odds on you’ll be being served by baking queen Mojgan Mohajer, who started Bonjour Brioche Cafe. She has united the rest of the team through a love of natural, home-cooked food, and the way it has of bringing people together.

Brunch, Breakfast and Bakery
Bits to Takeaway in Kentish Town

Come and have a seat (and a bite to eat!) in our Kentish town cafe, or ask us about our local takeaway options. We’ll be glad to deliver to your office or your front door in Belszie Park, Hampstead, or Primrose Hill too. Contact us Monday to Friday 7.30am to 5.30pm, and Saturday-Sunday 8.00am to 5.30pm. We’d love to hear from you.

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