Get Fresh Organic Coffee

from Your Local Cafe in Belsize Park

We offer an extensive range of Monmouth organic coffee in our cafe in Belsize Park. We’ve specifically chosen Monmouth’s natural range because they talk with the producers of their beans in person, and work with them to set up a fair and sustainable system of trade. Just like we do with our locally sourced ingredients in London.

Where Does Our Coffee
Come From?

Monmouth coffee is grown in single farms, estates and co-operatives in places as diverse as Africa, South and Central America, Asia and the Pacific. What sets Monmouth apart is that they tour between coffee growers all year round. This makes sure that they’re buying from sustainable farms, and that they understand the growing process, as well as the challenges that the farmers face.


A Coffee for Brunch.

A Coffee to Take Away.

Sit in with an ice coffee, or have us make you a machiatto to go. At your local Belsize Park bakery, we do both coffee to takeaway and coffee to drink with your breakfast or brunch.New to the coffee experience?
Here's a quick cheat sheet to help you choose your favoured blend:


Force a small amount of near-to-boiling pressurised water through finely ground coffee beans and you get an espresso. No matter what anyone says, it’s spelled “espresso” not “expresso!” It’s also the base for a lot of other drinks. Learn a little bit more about our organic espresso below…



This is a milky coffee made from a shot of espresso and plenty of steamed milk. It’s a good “gateway” into the world of delicious, warming beverages.


When you combine hot milk, a shot of espresso and steamed milk foam, lo and behold, a cappuccino is born!



Similar to the machiatto in Italy, a cortado is an espresso “cut” (the approximate translation from Spanish) with a small amount of warm milk.

Flat White

There’s a big debate in the London cafe scene about the difference between a Flat White and a latte. A Flat White is made by pouring the frothiest, most velvety milk from the base of the jug over an espresso, but there’s a much larger proportion of coffee to milk than you’d get in a latte.


Ice Coffee

At Bonjour Brioche Cafe we love iced coffee! This isn’t the sort of stuff you can buy ready to drink from a store, though. We brew ours right here onsite.


An American is made by brewing an espresso over hot water. It’s about as strong as filter coffee, but owns a different flavour.


Long Black

A fairly new entrant to the London coffee scene, the Long Black is a stronger version of an Americano, made in the reverse fashion. So, the coffee is added to the hot water, not the other way round. This gives it a stronger flavour.


Translated from the Italian, this would be a “stained coffee.” It’s an espresso with a small amount of milk.


Hot Chocolate

Our rich hot chocolate speaks for itself. A heartwarming and delicious drink any time of the day.

Cafe Mocha

This is a chocolate-flavoured version of a latte. One of our favourites.


Chai Latte

Chai latte is really a black tea blended with steamed milk. It’s filled with the naturally healing flavours of cardamom and cinnamon.


This one’s for the kids! There’s no caffeine in sight. Just frothy milk with a selection of natural flavourings.


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Something a Little Special

The organic espresso coffee we brew is worth a special mention. Currently it’s a combination of three different beans: Kaffa Forest (from Ethiopia), Granja La Esperanza (from Colombia) and Finca Chelin (from Mexico), but it changes from season to season. This is one of our favourite blends yet.

Buy Coffee Online

As well as letting us take care of the barista duties when you pop in for a coffee for breakfast or brunch in Belsize Park, you can also pick up some beans – which we can grind for you before you leave – or order your favourite type of coffee from us online. Remember – if you’re buying coffee for use at home, it’s best to buy it in smaller quantities more often. This way your beans will retain their freshness.