Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill Bakery – Enjoy Brunch and Breakfast at Bonjour Brioche Cafe

Bonjour Brioche Cafe is your local Primrose Hill bakery offering breakfasts and brunches made from locally sourced, organic ingredients. With each tempting treat having been hand-rolled, mixed, kneaded, and baked onsite each morning, you’re setting yourself up for a healthy day. Get up for work, stroll on over to the cafe, and we’ll put a freshly brewed cup of organic coffee into your hand. Fill your pockets with one of our ever-changing range of muffins or cookies. Or set you up with a table ready for your breakfast salmon bagel, blueberry pancakes, or another light but filling dish. And when you fancy the healthy start to your day but not the walk, we can also deliver your little feast right to your house or your office – anywhere in the local area.

Our Breakfast and Brunch
Menu for Primrose Hill

Our Menu page has all of the details – as well as a downloadable PDF – of your latest breakfast and brunch options in our Primrose Hill cafe. You’ll see our menu change regularly, however. Because we buy whatever locally sourced ingredients are in season, we’ll have different offerings at different times of the year. Seasonal favourites like our triple berry tarts in the summer and pumpkin pie in the autumn are fairly regular guests, but we often have something entirely new too – sometimes every day!


Handmade Cupcakes

and Home Cooked Cakes

All of the ingredients that go into that cake you're about to get stuck into have been sourced locally, and then cooked by hand by us that very morning. We don't do any of that baked from frozen nonsense - we hand-prepare each and every item we have on display every day. So, if you're about to tuck into our palette-popping bacon bagel (that's the one with maple-cured streaky bacon, melted brie cheese, and avacado) it'll have been baked in a small batch by us probably only a few minutes before you walked in the door of our cafe in Primrose Hill.

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Vegan Choices


There’ll always be at least one of our flavours of cookies, one muffin, and one or two flavours of cupcakes suitable for you if you’re a vegan.



All food is

Gluten Free


Though we’re not strictly a gluten-free bakery, all of our macaroons, and our chocolate fudge cake (which is made without flour) are free of gluten.


Coffee Shop

We're firm believers in fair trade and sustainably sourced ingredients, and the same is true of our coffee. Monmouth's organic range - which is where we get all of our beans - has been handpicked during their worldwide tours of coffee farmers, co-operatives, and estates. They talk to the farmers in person to ensure that everyone gets the best deal, and that the fragrant espresso in your hand has been ethically delivered from start to finish.


Our Fresh Juices


Our thirst-quenching fresh juices are all hand or machine-squeezed to order. All the fruit and herbs that go into them are the best of the season.


Mojgan Mohajer


Who Does

the Baking


Bonjour Brioche Cafe was started by baking genius Mojgan Mohajer. Designed to be a place based on a huge love of natural food and the way it has of bringing people closer together, pop in and say hello over a fresh cup of steaming hot coffee, or let her fix you your favourite breakfast or brunch-time snack. I hope you enjoy eating it as much as I’ve enjoyed making it!

Breakfast, Brunch, and Lunch
in Primrose Hill – We Deliver!

Come and sit in the cafe section of our Primrose Hill bakery and relax in the friendly atmosphere we’ve cultivated with the help of our local customers. Or, why not contact us and get us to deliver your food right to your door? Ideal for a lazy weekend brunch, or for a round of snacks at the office. You’ll find us here Monday-Friday 7.30am to 5.30pm, and Saturday-Sunday 8.00am to 5.30pm.

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